Supplementary Items for Discrete Mathematics

The items listed below, all of them just a very few pages, are notes that I have written in past terms in answer to student questions that required longer answers. None of them are essential to the course, but you are welcome - in fact, encouraged - to browse through them and read anything that you find interesting. If any of the issues that stimulated the writing of any of these notes pops up in our class, I'll post a response referencing the appropriate note - and if really significant, post a class announcement.

Document Title    
Additional Course Information   .pdf
Errata to Course Modules   .pdf
A Glossary for Discrete Mathematics   .pdf
Galileo on Infinite Sets   .pdf
Edwards Ward Paper   .pdf
Epp Paper   .pdf
Programming Functions vs. Math Functions   .pdf
Changing Bound Variables .html  
Poker Hand Problems   .pdf
Quantifiers - A Geometric Interpretation   .pdf
Negation Rules Summary   .pdf
Negating Quantified Statements - Review .html  
More Review of Negations   .pdf
Loaded Quantifiers   .pdf
Jack's Own Introduction to Mathematical Induction   .pdf
The Lattice Point Polygon Theorem: an Induction Proof   .pdf
HTML Math Symbols .html  
Calendar Guru   .zip