We encounter "while" loops daily, usually without even noticing it. Here are some examples, which may even be entertaining:"

Example 1

while (Frank is in the room) {
     Don't bring up medical insurance costs, it will set him off, and no one else will get a word in edgewise;

Save that topic until Frank has left the party and gone home!

Example 2

while (there are weeds in the garden) {
    pull a weed;
    decrease the weed count by 1;

Just keep pulling weeds until there are no more weeds left to pull.

Example 3

while (there is money left in the budget) {
    spend some of it;
    subtract the amount you spent from the budget;

If there is any money left in the budget, spend some of it. If there is still some left, spend more. Keep spending money until all the money in the budget is spent.