Pseudocode Demonstrations for CMIS 102

Loading and Starting the Program:

To run the demo program, you download it to your computer and run it like any other Java application. Click here to download PsCodeSimApplet.jar. If your system blocks downloading of .jar files, you can Click here to download PsCodeSimApplet.raj, and then change the extension from .raj to .jar.

General Instructions:

  • Click the button in the upper left corner of the demo manager to select a demo from the drop-down list.
  • Click Initialize to set up the demo.
  • Click Step to execute one line of pseudocode at at time, or
  • Click Run to execute one line per second.
  • If you are in Run mode, you can stop executing lines by clicking Stop.
  • Anytime that you are not in Run mode, you can re-initialize the current demo, or select a different demo.
  • Tips:

    For more information, click these links: Notes about Pseudocode        Library functions used in these demos       

    The following demonstrations are currently available:

    Please send any comments or suggestions to Jack.
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    Acknowledgements: Thanks to Prof. Nicholas Duchon and various students for many helpful suggestions.